Fire protection with KLH® – CLT

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tested in
Australia and
New Zealand

Even though fire knows no national borders, there are different experiences and national developments when it comes to fire protection. Particularly in countries outside the EU, the requirements for testing and verification to ensure fire protection with timber construction products differ.

In Australia, the test standard AS 1530:2014 “Methods for fire tests on building materials, components and structures, Part 4: Fire-resistance test for elements of construction” is used to test burn-off and resistance in the event of fire.

A total of four tests were successfully carried out, two wall and two ceiling tests. As usual, the standard wood species spruce and the PU adhesive from the Loctite HB S series were used. The use of the heat-resistant Loctite HB X adhesive would improve the results even further. The element connection was also tested via a cover board on the side facing away from the fire using suitable sealing tape. A locally available 13 mm fire protection plasterboard was also tested in two of the trials. An optimised way of screw connection led to a better performance of the cladding.

The aim was to achieve FRL values (similar to REI) of 90 to 120 minutes. The resistance times were exceeded in all cases.

The results once again verify the chapter “Structural fire design” published in ETA-06/0138 for KLH® – CLT. These successful tests open up new possibilities for the use of KLH® – CLT on the Australian and New Zealand markets.

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